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POLY POLY are Munich-based multi instrumentalist, Hans Hu$tle and synth operator, Volt Age. Their self-titled debut album seamlessly combines their respective musical backgrounds, making it sound as if both musicians have been on the same wavelength for decades.

Volt Age fosters a passionate relationship with retro synthesizers and funky 80s sounds, while Hans Hu$tle’s detailed productions come down somewhere between Funk, Trip Hop and Hip Hop. The result of their collaboration is no random meeting of styles, but rather a melodious journey in search of something new – a fresh approach to modern electronic funk music.

Their mutual understanding of music is not limited to working in the studio. Their individual talent and harmonic team-play is most notable during their vibrant live performances. Equipped with vocoder, autotune, synthies, a percussion section and guitar, they turn even the shyest concert-goer into a true disco king or queen.

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